5th World Famous Montains Conference
Ceará, Brazil


The Conference

The first WFMA conference was held in Mount Lushan, Jiangxi, Province of People's Republic of China in October 2009. The following conferences were held in the People's Republic of China (2010), in the United States of America (2011) and in Romania (2012). In 2014, the 5th Conference of the World Famous Mountains will be held in Ceará, Brazil, with the theme: Conservation and Local Development.

We expect the participation of 80 delegates from approximately 12 countries, including South Africa, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, South Korea, United States of America, Philippines, Japan, Romania and Tanzania. In addition, there will be approximately 25 to 50 guests, speakers, speakers, and hosts volunteers involved in various aspects of the Conference.

The aim of this conference is to focus on the opportunities and challenges facing those who are responsible for managing the famous mountains and parks worldwide as well as fostering:

  • Cultural exchange - an opportunity for governments, companies, professional organizations, experts, scholars, and administrators of famous mountains and parks from all over the world to learn from each other;
  • Popularization of Science - provide opportunities to share conservation strategies and teaching techniques, as well as applications of science in management practices associated with mountains and their environments;
  • Partnership Opportunities - provide the opportunity of public, private and intergovernmental;
  • Commercial exchange through a Hall of Opportunities;
  • Development of sustainable tourism
  • Give participants an overview of the opportunities for development and investment in the state of Ceará;
  • Regional development;
  • Education - providing lectures, exhibits, informative panels that improve the skills, knowledge and awareness of the participants;
  • Ecological Sustainability - through the careful use of resources and recycling, demonstrate a commitment to be good stewards not only in mountainous areas that we manage, but also the communities we serve;
  • Human Dimension - respect cultural differences;
  • Hospitality - offer an authentic experience of the culture and hospitality of Ceará for all conference participants.